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Ella was diagnosed with hearing loss in both ears through newborn hearing screening, and she required a hearing aid in both ears. When she was five years old, her mother realized her current aids were no longer working. A single mom, she had already quit her teaching job in order to take Ella back and forth to Atlanta Speech School for occupational and speech therapy. Her mother was also volunteering her extra time at the school, paying forward the help Ella was receiving from the hearing loss community. Ella’s mom applied for insurance coverage for Ella’s two new hearing aids and was denied, which represented the years-long battle her family has fought with insurance companies. JCCF was able to provide Ella with a new pair of hearing aids. Her mother believes that despite Ella’s struggles, they both have experienced so much joy and happiness along the way, not including the amazing people they have been blessed to meet. Today Ella is thriving!

Hearing Aid Recipient

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