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Current rising 2nd grader Sandra first received cochlear implants when she was 13 months of age. She has always utilized her implants 100% of the time. When Sandra was diagnosed as profoundly deaf, her mother and father were so committed to her care that her mother left a secure job teaching full-time to make sure Sandra learned how to listen and speak.  Additionally, while attending the Atlanta Speech School, her mother traveled three hours round trip each day to get Sandra to class. Now attending elementary school, Sandra has flourished academically and socially. Despite struggling to hear, she is a hard worker and an active participant in the classroom. She never comes to school without her implant devices or replacement batteries. But recently, her mother noticed Sandra had been falling behind – she wasn’t hearing as well and she encountered vision and balance problems. Unfortunately, Sandra received a diagnosis that means her vision will decline through her childhood, leaving her with no visual capability by the time she is a teen. JCCF was thrilled to be able to provide the family with a grant for Sandra’s new, more technologically advanced cochlear implant devices. Now, Sandra will hopefully be able to stay in the regular education setting versus a specialized school. 

Cochlear Implant

Processor Recipient

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