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Reid and Claire

Reid received his first pair of hearing aids when he was just 12 weeks old after his parents learned he had hearing issues through his newborn hearing screening.  His family was thankful to receive early intervention via the Atlanta Speech School, where they connected to other families with children who were managing hearing loss.  When Reid reached pre-school age, unfortunately they learned his hearing loss was worsening, which required newer, more powerful hearing aids.  With finances tight, Reid would have to wait until his family was able to provide these for him.  JCCF was able to help out with new hearing aids.  He loves to show them to everyone he meets and the family is looking forward to watching Reid continue his growth!


Reid’s sister, Claire, was born when Reid was three years old, and she received her hearing aids at 8 weeks old after being diagnosed with the same hearing loss.  The family knew right away how to get her what she needed in the way of support.  With the help of JCCF, Claire was able to attend the Atlanta Speech School for hearing loss support.  The family wants to ensure Claire receives the same intervention as Reid.  They receive minimal financial help in regard to medical equipment, therapy and schooling, covering almost all of both Reid’s and Claire’s expenses on their own.

Hearing Aid, Tuition Recipients

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