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As Alex, a 14-year-old-boy from Marietta, GA, gradually experienced his hearing loss, he found himself isolating by spending more and more time alone, and he was opting out of playing sports because of his hearing challenges.  With the prohibitive cost of hearing aids, Alex was able to use school hearing aids and a transmitter during the day, but he was unable to take them home for nights and weekends at home.  He was unable to fully understand and speak to his brother on the way home on the bus, and he often couldn't hear his mother call him for dinner while he was studying in his room.  When Alex received his gift of a pair of hearing aids from the JCCF, he was surprised and thrilled, as he soon realized how much he was unable to hear without his hearing aids outside of school!  Alex was excited to be able to obtain his learner's permit for driving, which was a goal of his, and to actually hear his brother and family while at home!  JCCF was happy to be able to help Alex live as just another teenage boy, experiencing the fun that entails!

Hearing Aid Recipient

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