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Help. Hope. Hear.

Improving a Child's Hearing Today for a Better Tomorrow

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Why We're Helping

Untreated hearing loss in a child can affect the development of their speech, language and social skills, as well as their intellectual development, as they grow older.  Research has shown that the earlier a child obtains professional hearing intervention and services, the more likely they are to reach their full potential in life.


JCCF’s mission is to provide financial assistance to as many children as possible who struggle with hearing loss.

Our vision, while aspirational, is a world in which no child's potential is limited by struggles with hearing loss.

Making an Impact Since 2016

Making an Impact Since 2016





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Who We're Helping





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Clinical data has shown that the earlier a child with hearing loss receives professional hearing intervention, the better the outcome the child will have for improved intellectual and social development as they grow older.

For some families, the financial burden of providing adequate hearing care for their child can be overwhelming.  The JCCF exists to provide financial assistance and guidance to these families in need.

From the beginning, we have received tremendous support and encouragement from our community. Our goal is to expand our reach in Georgia by assisting as many families as possible who have children with profound hearing issues.  Our annual golf tournament has been a major part of this effort and has grown substantially since the foundation was created.

How We're Helping

Witness JCCF's powerful impact improving a child's hearing today for a better tomorrow!

Hear From Experts in our Community

Dr. Kelley Dwyer,  Au.D., CCC-A, F-AAA

Director of Audiology, Pediatric ENT of Atlanta

Dr. Stacey Tucci

Language and Literacy Coordinator -

GaDOE Division of State Schools


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